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Ler Ligisa

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Ler Ligisa is a clothing brand that uses Kenyan fabrics produced from natural fibers, for a unique style. The original handmade pieces are available or can be made to fit through special order on our website.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Original and very detailed design! The designer pay attention to the materials used for their clothes! Very nice quality. I highly recommend!
— Yumi Narita
Customer reviews
Each Ler Ligisa design is a beautiful fusion of cultures, creativity and artistry! Designer Eva Rogo-Levenez's unique vision brings the world to the runway in regal, vibrant colors. Ler Ligisa cloaks the wearer in confidence, elegance and unforgettable style!
— Andrea Simmons
Customer reviews
The blend of colours, creativity, ethnic element, and detailed finishing in this designers work is beautiful, well done!
— Zachary James Miller
Customer reviews
Ler Ligisa is an original and authentic beautiful fashion brand. The pieces are beautifully designed and created by owner Eva Rogo-Levenez. My Ler Ligisa coat is one of my favorite pieces in my closet!
— Marie Louise Ferguson

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