Ler Ligisa

About us

The designer

Eva Rogo-Levenez, a French woman of Kenyan origin, is the designer and founder of the Ler Ligisa brand.

Her grandfather was a well-known tailor in the Lake Victoria region, located in Western Kenya. As a child, Eva used her mother's Singer sewing machine while dreaming of the French language. Her very demanding mother used to say "no woman can decently wear a dress that is not finished by hand." As a student, she made her own clothes.

Between Kenya and France, she succeeded in creating a unique style at the confluence of two cultures: Ler Ligisa made in France.

Ler Ligisa is a clothing brand using Kenyan fabrics made from natural fibers, for a very original style. These unique pieces, all handmade, are available or can be made to measure, and to order.

The Autumn-Winter 2021 collection is made from Italian wool and Kenyan fabrics. Ler Ligisa also celebrates the diversity of women, an emblematic value of the brand.

Sustainability matters to us

Ler Ligisa is a sustainable clothing brand using Kenyan fabrics made from natural fibers (natural woven cotton, silk, linen and wool).

Other materials such as "Khanga" using the technique of screen printing, the natural weaved cotton "kikoy" and the original red "maasai shuka" fabrics declined in an incredible number of colors are being used to create our collections...

Kenya has a large variety of traditional fabrics combining both beauty and originality. Very little known in France, East African fabrics nourishes Eva's creativity. Each piece she creates is handmade, in order to offer neat finishes down to the smallest details.